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Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand IT skill on job postings worldwide. Now is a great time to learn Salesforce and change your Career to the Cloud. 

Salesforce Certification Courses by Mike Wheeler

Mike Wheeler has been teaching Salesforce for nearly five years, helping tens of thousands successfully gain certifications. He also runs Salesforce Career Workshops and Bootcamps to advance students from certification to career. Start your journey today with the Salesforce Administrator Certification Course.


The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification Course is for anyone interested in passing the Administrator Certification exam.  Each section of the Administrator Study Guide is covered in-depth, giving examples in the interface, as well as hands-on experience so you  can apply the concepts you are learning.


The Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification demonstrates that you can implement the Salesforce Lightning Service Console, design service solutions on the Salesforce platform, and can implement OmniChannel, create Macros, and create custom apps to deliver world class service as a Service Cloud consultant.


The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification will help you rise above the competition and become marketable, especially to Salesforce Partner companies. The consultant certifications for Salesforce make you highly marketable and exemplify that you have both a deep and broad understanding of the platform.


Salesforce retired their Developer 401 Certification and replaced it with the new Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification, which is considered the starting point for Beginner and Aspiring Developers on the Salesforce Platform. This course covers every core concept you need to understand in order to pass the Platform App Builder Certification Exam. No coding required.

After thousands of Student Surveys for Mike's courses, the students have spoken:

"Are you learning valuable information?" 99.6% answered YES

"Are the explanations of the concepts clear?" 99.8% answered YES

"Is the instructor knowledgeable about the topic?" 99.9% answered YES

Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

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